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In recent times, a great deal of evidence has suggested that learning and cooperation among developing nations is rapidly escalating in both frequency and complexity. Al Mashriq Training & Consultancy was established to boost these economically and geopolitically vital developments in reciprocal cooperation deals, and to serve as a platform to exchange experiences between Muslim majority countries as a main focal point, followed by developing nations in general. The agency will be targeting specific sectors which are considered to be the fundamental building blocks of any developing nation, such as economy, health, education, communication, research, and development. It is also within our objective to provide government and non government institutions with an expertly researched comprehensive guide on factors leading to successful policies and practices in a context that reflects their national priorities.

About Us

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  • k1 Azora Abdeen

    Director of the International Youth Centre in Kuala Lumpur

  • k2 Dr.Walid Faris

    Director of the center console the Muslim world in Kuala Lumpur